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Learn from the best: BelViso offers one-on-one and group, interactive makeup sessions that last from 90 min to two hours, and are geared toward giving you the tools and knowledge you need to bring your best features forward.

Every woman should have a firm grasp of her own natural style, and know-how to work it—but it’s tricky to maximize that beauty without a solid technique. A personalized, private makeup lesson with one of BelViso's highly trained associates is the key to learning how to enhance your own natural beauty.

The session is always 100-percent about you—and you’ll learn how to bring out the most beautiful version of you. The best part? It’s also about simplicity. The techniques aren’t complicated; the makeup isn’t heavy or complex. BelViso teaches you how to make your best features shine, and how to keep your skin looking like skin—not a mask—at the same time. Most important, you’ll leave knowing how to replicate the look you’ve created in-studio, whether it’s an everyday work look or a sophisticated evening look. With decades of experience and a portfolio of celebrity clients in both print and television media, the BelViso's staff has the talent and genuine desire to help you realize your potential to be truly stunning; under their guidance, the intimidation melts away, and the makeup process becomes more approachable…even, dare we say, fun.

Here’s what to expect:

An assessment of your current beauty products, your makeup habits, and your lifestyle. Clients are encouraged to bring their own makeup and skincare products to their appointments. We like to work with products that are comfortable for you, but we will also evaluate each product to determine its suitability for your skin, features, and new look. In other words, we’ll figure out what’s working and what is not. With no allegiance to a particular brand or product line, we’ll start from scratch to determine a product lineup and routine that works for you. To identify your best features and learn how to work with them.

Everyone’s face is different. Bone structure, skin type, hair color, facial shape—all of these factors combine to create your individual look and a unique beauty. We will show you where to focus—and with what product—to highlight the best aspects of your face. If you’ve been hiding those prominent cheekbones or almond-shaped eyes, we’ll show you how to reveal them as your strongest assets.

A detailed “how to” information sheet to recreate the desired look

Whether you want a fresh weekday look for your office, a sultry nighttime look for Saturday evenings, or a strategy to cover up a scar we’ll send you out the door with the tools to achieve your goal. Think step-by-step instructions, color recommendations, and simple application tips.

Cost: $125 per hour

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